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2024 Is Here And So Is PT003!

Summer Daze EP
Fuminori Kagajo


Summer Daze

Transports you to a tropical paradise. A real life Copacabana.

Sunset Groove

Illuminates the atmosphere as you walk through a magical tunnel, leading into a fabulous party.

Quiet Lights

Glorifies the Mediterranean sunset on the shores of Malta, barefooted dancing in the sand.

Also Available in Select Record Shops


Rep The Team Jersey When You Hear It

Support the cause that fuels our sound, wear it and earn complimentary admission at our shows. We will also tell others that you got Proper Taste, but that was a given before the t-shirt.

Word on the Street

“Proper Taste is musical freedom. Express your roots through sound.”

Trinidadian Deep

Proper Taste

Word on the Street
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